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Published: 11:41 EST, 6 December 2015 | Updated: 12:07 EST, 6 December 2015

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The loss of a child is a tragedy that often tears every the strongest families apart as individuals struggle to come to terms with their grief.

But TV star Mary Berry, 80, has revealed her determination not to let her marriage to husband Paul crumble after the loss of her son William, 19, in a car accident in 1989. 

'We had each other and I kept thinking: "I’ve still got Paul and together we will hold",' she told The Sunday Telegraph . 

Scroll down for video 

Great British Bake Off star Mary Berry, 80, has revealed how she was determined to keep her family together after the death of her son William, 19, in 1989

Mary Berry is pictured at home with her children William, left, Annabel, centre, and Tom, right, in 1975 when her younger son was five years old

'We were always together and, for us, it made us grateful still to be together.'

The Great British Bake Off presenter said that the couple who lived across the road from them had only one child, and she said to her husband how lucky they were to have their daughter Annabel and son Tom. 

William, 19, was studying business at Bristol Polytechnic when he returned to the family home one weekend in January. 

moncler baby jas sale Previous 1 Next Baby Hope lives for an hour... then becomes UK's youngest... Would our babies have lived if they hadn't been born at the... moncler baby jas sale Share Mary was excited to see him as he hadn't been home since Christmas and cooked roast lamb to welcome him home.  

The next morning William and Annabel set off to buy the papers while Mary prepared lunch. But when they didn't return home and the doorbell rang, she knew something was wrong.

Mary who found fame on The Great British Bake Off at the age of 75, initially stayed at home with her family after her son's death so she could be there for her husband Paul and two children 

And when a young policeman came in and asked her to sit down, she knew what happened. 

'You do when you're asked to sit down,' she said. 

Mary was told that William had been killed and that Annabel was in Wycombe Hospital. 

She and Paul went straight there, and Annabel came running down the corridor towards them, her pink tracksuit covered in mud.  

Mary admits feeling relieved that she still, at least had her daughter. 

When a doctor asked if the parents would like to see William, Mary said that she would.  

Mary now with her daughter Annabel, husband Paul and son Tom. She says she has always counted herself lucky to have two remaining children 

'His little face was perfect. He was serene and I knew exactly... that he was alright,' she recalled. 

As the family struggled to come to terms with their loss, Mary said she drew strength from the upbringing that taught her 'you hold the fort together' as a mother.  

After William's death she worked from home so she could be there for Paul and the children, and says they were 'always together'.

Now, 27, years on William is still very much part of the family. 

William's photo wearing his mud splattered rugby kit stands in the kitchen where Mary can see it all the time. 

Annabel's children point to it and say, 'that's Mummy's brother', as if they knew him. 

And she says the family often imagine what it would be like if he was still with them.  

Treasured memories of her son keep Mary going and she has a photo of him in his rugby kit in her kitchen so she can see him at all times when she's cooking 

She recalls a recent weekend walk with Paul and Annabel where they said: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Will was here?’ What would his wife have been like? Wouldn’t it have been nice to walk together?’

However, Mary, who is patron of Child Bereavement UK, admits she will never get over her loss.

'You have the most wonderful memories and you live with it,' she said. 

And it's those treasured memories that keep her going.  

'When I think of William, it’s with joy and happiness,' she said. 'I miss him immeasurably, but I know how fortunate I was to have him even for that short time. 

'I still have two other children. How lucky am I?'

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